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Ride CTA, Metra & Pace with Ventra: Manage your fares, buy Metra mobile tickets, get arrivals. Use transit in and around all of Chicago: It's easy to manage and pay your fare on CTA, Metra and Pace buses and trains with the Ventra app. Find all the features you're used to on the Ventra website and more, including mobile ticketing for Metra trains! With the Ventra app, you can: • Check your balance and available passes in your Ventra Card's transit account. • Instantly load value or passes to your Ventra Card's transit account. • Switch autoload for transit value or passes on and off. • Buy and use Metra mobile tickets to ride any metra train. • Use transit value you've loaded to buy a Metra ticket. • Get real-time account notifications so you know when it's time to load more fare or buy more tickets. • Get real-time arrival/departure information from CTA, Metra and Pace all in one app—by picking a stop, using favorites or looking at service near where you're standing.
Constantly crashes
by ggeell on 2020/02/21 04:07
As soon as I click on the app it shows the blue background but never loads and working a couple seconds it crashes, no matter if I’m on wifi or cellular I checked my app version and my service, everything checks out except the app doesn’t work. Please fix I usually take bus stops without a pay center.
Blue load screen glitch fix
by Krae2144 on 2020/02/20 16:10
For those who are experiencing the frozen blue load screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now it’s working fine. Hope that helps for everyone!
Registration does not work
by chicago71829374 on 2020/02/19 03:28
Cannot create an account using the app. Just returns error messages.
by Smenor1234 on 2020/02/19 02:42
Whoever runs and maintains this app needs to lose their job!
Absolute garbage all
by oscbrn on 2020/02/18 18:55
Absolute garbage app
Doesn’t even open anymore
by lgac123 on 2020/02/18 13:44
App doesn’t work at all ever since I got my iphone 11.
App Frozen
by @liBella on 2020/02/17 17:39
The app has been frozen for months. It doesn’t do anything at all. Just a logo page. No recent updates either.
Unacceptable. Hostile to users and conductors
by Sarrz21 on 2020/02/14 23:34
Every day I use this app and see how miserable it makes both riders and conductors. Conductors must ask customers to keep the apps open constantly and customers are scrambling to switch from what they are doing to this horrible process flow to show the tickets. 2 easy fixes: make tickets accessible from the app homepage with one tap and keep the ticket running in the background when customers switch to another app! So much frustration and stress on both sides over POOR APP DESIGN.
Errors trying to process order
by MJK252525 on 2020/02/14 14:38
This app hardly ever works when trying to actually add money to your card
If I could give 0 stars I would
by taaaylor18 on 2020/02/14 02:39
This app is terrible. Like if you’re going to force commuters to use the app for tickets then at the very least make it usable. There’s no excuse for this app to be this horrible and badly designed. Everyone hates it but it doesn’t seem Metra is putting in any effort into to fixing it. This app just adds to Metra’s already outdated commuting experience. Get it together.
Wow (but not in a good way)
by Mom2Cass on 2020/02/12 23:01
I have traveled the world and have never seen something as inefficient and clunky as this. I feel like I was robbed of $20. I could go on but the headline is JUST USE APPLE PAY!!!
by Really inflexible on 2020/02/12 14:52
It just doesn’t work. I can’t even add money to my central card Bc it never moves past that blue first screen. Good god. There cannot be a worse app on the market.
App functions
by Pompriya on 2020/02/10 21:48
The worst experience! Unable to delete a card from the list of cards added. Because if this, I accidentally credited 30 day pass on the wrong card. The card I had lost! Many times it kept showing connection error when I tried loading balance. Please enhance app!
Doesn’t open
by RobotGoodness on 2020/02/10 16:48
Awful, the app doesn’t even open.
Blue screen of death?
by Halvonator on 2020/02/09 17:04
All I get when I open this app is a blue screen with the Ventra logo. No buttons, no link, no information. That’s helpful!
Home Screen Bug
by jassyp2010 on 2020/02/07 19:30
Got a new phone for whatever reason and now the Ventra app will not load past the home screen. It’s as if the developers abandoned this app because according to the App store, it hasn’t be updated in 8 months and at least 2 new operating systems have become available since then. Using the website is so amazingly awful. I just can’t. I wish the app developer would get on their job or, I don’t know, hire someone? I have friends who have developed better apps than this one, and that is no shade to my friends. They’re dope. If you’re somehow affiliated with the development of this app, and you read this, please reach out. I’d be happy to put you in touch.
Freezes every time I use the app.
by ventrasad on 2020/02/06 13:47
This app freezes every single time I open it to use it. It is horrible. Do not get it if you have not already
Won’t even load
by cleo_cat on 2020/02/06 13:42
Tried to buy a train ticket and the app won’t even open up. Fix it
Never works
by EGVigen on 2020/02/06 03:33
This app never works. Need to add money to a card with an existing payment method? Good luck! Need to add a new payment method? Not today! Need to add a new Ventra card because your old one expired? LOL!
It needs my birthdate?
by fuverjgdegc on 2020/02/05 16:34
I installed the app, but to create an account it requires me to enter my birthdate. Not a chance!
Not compatible with iPhone 11
by Wasabi06 on 2020/02/05 02:13
Doesn’t work on iPhone 11!!!
by Pv3081 on 2020/02/04 18:49
Freezes, crashes, deletes valuable transit fare
Hot Garbage
by Chris XW on 2020/02/04 13:26
The Metra is a pile of hot garbage, I don't envy anyone who has to ride it on a daily basis, but it sounds like a necessity for those who must commute to the city. I rode to Naperville recently and there are employees who punch tickets with a hole punch like it's 1890 and give change out with belt clip filled with change. It’s clear that the Metra CEO partnered with Ventra, a local 8th Grade computer club who writes apps after school to create this abomination that must be used in lieu of a physical ticket. It’s truly a shame that they are still operating like this - I'm surprised more riders aren't interested in seeing an automated system that involves no human interaction to offset the inundated system they have now. I spoke with several riders who also said that it's uncommon for the trains to be on-time due to Metra not owning the tracks they ride upon. I digress... a truly horrendous app!
Bad UX on payment process update
by Kaekochii on 2020/02/03 22:22
Asked me to save my card information (on which I do for wageWorks) but during payment transaction, it directed it to Apple Pay. It never even asked me whether I ever want to use Apple Pay prior! Now trying to deal on how to cancel this payment with Ventra’s terrible customer service
I cannot express how awful and unreliable this app is.
by Nicki.odea on 2020/02/03 22:11
Stick to your paper tickets until someone can actually create a reliable app that works properly.
Does not work on iPhone 11 Pro
by Qfitn on 2020/02/02 22:16
Please fix
It Works
by DydiDyada on 2020/01/31 20:02
I don’t know what all the hate for this app is - it works fine. It isn’t anything fancy, I wish searching the bus routes was easier, but it’s functional, as accurate as the old Red Eye transit app, and lets me add funds or passes whenever.
Won’t even open
by Jeszilla on 2020/01/31 15:14
This app is completely useless if you have a newer iPhone.
Poorly Managed
by JohnEncer on 2020/01/28 17:15
Whenever there’s an outage there’s no way of informing people
Okay, when it works
by GEGorbust on 2020/01/28 15:43
Works for me, when it works. I travel to Chicago quarterly and like to be able to reload my card, but lately, the app just stalls
App Doesn’t Work on iPhone 11 Pro
by jasmineli1027 on 2020/01/27 18:23
Please update the app!
Insufficient funds
by drdanie2 on 2020/01/27 13:22
I paid for a monthly pass using this app, and when I scan to board the L or the Cta I constantly get the insufficient funds error message. This app is the worst
Taking extra money
by Nunya.B. on 2020/01/26 13:24
The app has been charging me to put money on my card, which I don’t understand. The point of me downloading was because it was more convenient but now I see I’m losing money in the process. It’s ridiculous. Chicago should’ve keep its original transit methods instead of adding these cards and machines that ppl continually seem to have probs with
PLEASE fix the app for new iOS
by OLMCD on 2020/01/25 16:18
Bad app
by mschmitt23 on 2020/01/25 00:06
Crashes a ton, purchases don’t work reliably. Purchases don’t come with if you sign in to a new device.
Works great on iphone7 doesn’t work on iphoneX
by TToya2000 on 2020/01/24 23:52
Update. I had to delete the app and re-install it. Works perfectly like it did before! I love not having to call anyone or wait in line to add value to my family’s cards!!! (Old review of 2 stars) I don’t know why it’s not working with the current iOS but it appears Ventra doesn’t have a working development team for this app to keep up with OS changes. Hopefully they will get this corrected one day because the app worked wonderfully on my iphone7 but I had to upgrade and now it doesn’t work. The website has always been very glitchy so I guess I’m just sol
STILL Does not work on iPhone X or higher
by krupamer on 2020/01/24 17:19
Complete piece of rubbish. Why is this non-functional app even available still? Please pull from the App Store
Must be quicker
by Sporkit on 2020/01/24 15:45
Getting to your Metra ticket is slow and cumbersome. Often times the conductor gets hung up on a rider struggling with their phone and then your screen locks out. By the time the conductor gets to you, now you’re struggling to get back to your ticket. It causes a ripple effect and you can sense people are getting needlessly frustrated on their commute. Why does the app boot you to the root view? The reloading often lags as you click back through to your ticket.
Horrible App, doesn’t work most of the time, loses cards
by appleuser 2020 on 2020/01/24 13:38
If there is a negative rating available, this App really deserves it. Lost cards whenever u remove and reinstall app on a device. Application doesn’t work all the time, when there isn’t a good internet connection. Application doesn’t know how to add a new credit card, it gets stuck in taking information to add new credit card, never completes. Overall horrible app that requires more thorough testing and fix the user experience issues.
Worst App Ever Made
by kev1313131313131313 on 2020/01/23 05:25
Worst app ever. Doesn’t allow you to put money on your card which is the entire point of the app!
Doesn’t work on OS13
by Moö on 2020/01/23 01:41
Keep your app updated. How am I supposed to load my card if it doesn’t work on current phones??
Not working 🤷🏽‍♂️
by Neo_9d9 on 2020/01/22 00:00
The app isn’t loading anymore!!!! What gives?!?! 😡
Lost money again.
by MichaelM123 on 2020/01/21 19:37
Two tickets were activated for my single ride home today. This app will soon be deleted from my phone once my last ticket is used.
Bad Design
by MarkChicagoIL on 2020/01/21 12:37
Recently I replaced my iPhone and had to do a couple of resets. Each time the V app had to be removed and re-installed. Why? No other app I have works this way.
I would give it zero stars if that were an option
by clarkethehomo on 2020/01/20 20:59
this app won’t even load to open.
iPhone 11 Pro Max
by Viper7369 on 2020/01/20 19:21
Very useful app. I use it everyday. I keep my 3 CTA cards up to date. The features I like is when your balance is low and you receive a notification. You can auto reload your card. You can check the history. I got no problem what so ever.
Crap app
by Editjules on 2020/01/19 23:43
Doesn’t work even after going through the clunky registration process. Just awful.
Works for me now somehow.
by wutstat on 2020/01/18 03:36
Got my new Ventra card so I thought I’d check if the Ventra app was working again. And fortunately, it works now. Hope it’s not temporary
Completely Stopped working
by KindSurf on 2020/01/17 23:04
The app doesn’t load any longer. Remove from App Store?
Won’t open
by Kw1st338800 on 2020/01/17 22:47
Doesn’t work with the new iOS
Doesn’t work on iPhone 11
by Better since the update on 2020/01/16 03:42
Been trying for 2 months just to open the app and it won’t even get to the home screen.
App broken for months
by Steve in Chambana on 2020/01/14 21:10
App won’t even load since iOS 13
Doesn’t work anymore
by Nashas2016 on 2020/01/13 14:48
Stopped working for me with the latest update. Just hangs on the loading screen
Don’t download this app waste of time!!!
by hdheiejbshdug on 2020/01/12 13:56
App is horrible can’t load money on card online I still have to got out to a Ventra machine to load card or go to a currency exchange you only can buy metra tickets smfh bring the old app back.
Freeze/report lost
by DoveSykes on 2020/01/11 15:22
It would be really helpful if there was a section were you could lock your card so it can’t be used and report it lost in the app.
Does not work on iPhone 11
by LUDAKRIS.TI on 2020/01/11 12:07
I recently upgraded to a new phone. This app used to work on my iPhone SE but won’t load past the loading screen now.
Does not work for iphone11 pro
by ernge27 on 2020/01/11 09:55
Had an iphone7 and upon upgrading to a new phone, ventra app refuses to open on iOS 13.3
Absolutely awful
by Inhpbg on 2020/01/11 01:18
This app worked for me for a while then it stopped working. Since last year the app has not opened once for me. I deleted and re downloaded the app to see if it would help. Did not help. I deleted it off my phone for a while and then recently downloaded the app again to see if the updates changed anything. No change. Still a terrible app that won’t open oh my phone
App doesn’t open, no update available
by Reader23689 on 2020/01/10 14:03
The app just sits on the blue intro screen. I’m able to use data with other apps just fine. No update is available, so I’ve lost my purchased tickets?
If you want us to use it, fix it
by chijzfrustrated on 2020/01/10 13:22
Very frustrated this morning. App wouldn’t start. Then after I uninstalled/reinstalled it I could finally get in, but then none of my 10-ride tickets were showing up...despite them showing up on the website when I log in.
App doesn’t load
by simiannojob on 2020/01/09 17:16
Still doesn’t work/load after I installed it months ago. Tried reinstalling etc. but it just shows a blank screen. On a iPhone XS Max. All other apps seem to work.
Hasn’t been updated for new iOS so it just blue screens
by Radashellnerd on 2020/01/09 07:19
It’s broken
Not to be relied upon
by Still yet another person on 2020/01/07 15:35
The bus arrival prediction aspect of this app has gone from bad to worse. No longer reflects any useful reality.
This app is the only thing wrong with Chicago. CTA
by Rodjuan on 2020/01/07 03:59
CTA should drop the entire VEntra system this app was designed by a 5 year old. Using this makes me want to pull my hair out. The Ventra team promised Apple wallet integration almost an entire year ago and still no integration.
Horrible app
by rablan899 on 2020/01/06 14:36
This app is the worst app on the App Store. It does not even work. The screen is just blue with no text... don’t waste your time with this one. One card I have is expired, you can’t delete the card and then when I added money to my current card it went on the old card. Now I’m just out $20.
This thing is slow, and not very reliable
by Travis 25 on 2020/01/06 07:06
Requiring an internet connection is dumb I like that it saves my payment info for quick checkout, hopefully it’s secure. It rarely gets updated, which is not good.
It still works!
by casshoward95 on 2020/01/05 19:32
I’ve been hating on this app for months ever since I upgraded to my new phone. I had it already downloaded on my phone and it just kept giving me the v logo- today, I finally decided to try deleting the app and reinstalling it and that worked. I can finally use it again.
Will not update balance.
by Mr. Livingston on 2020/01/05 01:11
Horrible app.
Doesn’t work on new iphone/iOS
by Jshualaub on 2020/01/04 17:05
Doesn’t work on new iphone/iOS
Deleted. Doesn’t work on iPhone 11
by Mrgctgk on 2020/01/04 16:41
Deleted the app because it didn’t work on my new iPhone 11. Noticed it has not released an update in almost a year. Appears the app is not being maintained and now does not work. The Ventra website is also not very mobile friendly. This is terrible customer and user experience.
by Hrkjjr on 2020/01/04 16:11
I HAVE to use this to use Ventra and it is such a pain. Today I cannot even even use the mobile site online to look at my cards because the site won’t switch from one card to the next. And I’m only trying online because the app won’t even open! Just a blue ventra logo page that does nothing- so I have NO way to check balances or begin a new monthly pass. This is nuts. With so many good programmers in Chicago and all the money coming in from CTA, get someone that will fix this! It’s been a bad app for years. And the website isn’t any better. Someone needs to be fired.
Peer pressure
by hewham22 on 2020/01/04 03:03
I’ve actually never used this app, but I noticed everyone hating on it and wanted to fit in
why can’t I delete cards??
by jazzeasterling on 2020/01/03 23:21
I’ve had this app since it was first released, years ago. I still don’t understand why the app doesn’t allow you to delete your old ventra cards??? I have 2 inactive cards on the app from 2014. It’s ridiculous that you can’t delete them. I also don’t understand why you can’t transfer funds from 1 old (inactive) card to a new (active) card. The only 2 positives are the transit tracker & seeing balances. But the negatives HIGHLY outweigh the positives
App not working with iPhone 11 max pro
by MeowlaDerp on 2020/01/03 23:05
It is completely updated. Every time I open it is completely blank and nothing loads.
Won’t let you create an account
by Music scandal snake on 2020/01/03 20:04
I along with multiple different people were not able to even create an account on this app. We tried so many different things like making the passwords longer or making sure our address was right but no matter what this app doesn’t let you create accounts.
by robbed by the cta on 2020/01/02 12:45
The app hasn’t been supported in seven months, if that doesn’t tell you anything; maybe when the app glitches out and steals your money you’ll realize that you shouldn’t download this horrid sorry excuse for an app. Disgusting.
Been broken for 6 mo
by Frustrated Customer 2 on 2020/01/01 19:27
Any idea when it can get fixed?
Update The App Already
by Asadullah Mujib on 2019/12/31 04:10
Last app update was 7 months ago. The Apple UI has upgraded and it’s time for this app to be upgraded as well. Let us: - delete old Ventra cards/accounts that are closed - transfer value from one card to another (if Starbucks cards can do it, so can we) - delete our payment methods if we choose to solely use Apple Pay - scan a QR code linked to our cards so that we don’t have to carry around a physical card anymore (saves plastic and you lose $5 per person but what’s more important here?)
App isn’t working
by Hating this from Chicago! on 2019/12/31 03:11
I have replaced my phone and the app will not work. I have deleted and reinstalled and nothing!!
Application doesn’t work!
by CarrQ on 2019/12/30 21:49
The application simply won’t open... I have an iPhone XS running the current iOS and it will not get past the startup screen...
by blah blah vic on 2019/12/30 18:47
just bad. i have a new iphone, newest software, and updated ventra app. given all this, the app should work. does it? not at all. not only is the ventra website horrible, but the app doesn’t even load. it’s been stuck on the loading screen for months. unusable.
Broken on newer iOS versions
by Link00seven on 2019/12/30 17:15
I moved from Chicago awhile ago, but was back in town and tried to use the app on both iOS 12 (on one trip) and more recently iOS 13 - and in both cases it just hung on the loading screen. No updates in months. When it worked it was fine, so hopefully it’ll get resolved soon.
by Aa_tt2 on 2019/12/30 09:06
You’d think that Ventra would be able to make a good app for the traffic of people that use it everyday. They don’t and everything is glitchy and stops working no matter how much you try to redownload the app or restart your phone.
Worst App Ever
by DivinciDraws on 2019/12/27 11:54
There is nothing useful about this app, I have never seen something so unituitive. Adding money to your card is a pain, the app’s user interface is horrid, and there’s a password requirement for EVERYTHING. Please fix this app
Unable to use on iPhone 11 Pro
by Oscar_fren on 2019/12/27 07:31
App does not load properly and crashes, unable to reload or check transit times
Complete garbage
by Amun1176 on 2019/12/24 22:55
It works like 3/10 times I try to open it, I have to even reset my entire device just to get it to work again. I’ve had to pay many times on train which is more expensive. Y’all getting too much money from us to provide this sorry excuse for an app.
by skyhatesthebus on 2019/12/22 17:48
your app is stupid as heck. reflect for the stupid break times of these buses so I don’t have to wait extra time and risk being late to work.
App does not work on iPhone 11/latest IOS
by Tahahaaxb on 2019/12/22 01:33
App does not work on iPhone 11/latest IOS
No Apple Wallet support as promised
by John Doe 111 on 2019/12/21 21:25
2019 is almost over, but there is no Apple Wallet support as promised.
Doesn’t even open
by willieforreally on 2019/12/21 18:39
The app doesn’t even open anymore, it just stays loading a Ventra screen (the blue background). I’ve deleted it and reinstalled several times and nothing. How can you make an app that doesn’t even work on the most up-to-date iOS?? Can’t reload my ventra card now or check CTA arrival times while I’m on the way without using another app or stopping at a train to put money manually on my card. Useless app
by Guyute73 on 2019/12/21 04:31
Doesn't even load.
by 11242234 on 2019/12/20 17:04
This app is useless. Its purpose it to buy train tickets, but you cant bc you cant add a card to it. If i click on “save card” the screen goes blank and its been doing that for about a year. So, the app is useless
the app freezes. please update
by Makul on 2019/12/20 14:38
please update the app
Does not work with iPhone 11 Pro with 13.2.3 update
by LuluBS on 2019/12/20 14:07
Doesn’t work. Just a blank logo background with no where to click.
App crashes on load
by Enosfruit on 2019/12/20 00:36
With the last 1-2 months the Ventra app has started crashing when it is opened. The blue logo screen shows for about 40-50 seconds then crashes. On second load the app will occasionally open correctly but sometimes the crash issue reoccurs. This bug is very frustrating when needing to shower your ticket on the train. It occurs on both WiFi connections as well as outdoors roaming data. Edit: I had to reduce the tasting to 1 star. It's just getting worse. It's starting to crash whole the app is running and showing my ticket. Then won't open. So bad. Will start buying paper tickets again.
Total crap
by j GG h day he u on 2019/12/19 21:52
Obviously some Illinois politicians gave the app contract to whoever gave the largest campaign donation (bribe).
Piece of garbage
by Bosstadertot on 2019/12/19 15:55
I have to use this app everyday. One of the worst sign up and forgot password experiences. And it never processes my payments. There’s always something wrong with a card that’s already on file and has worked the day before. Never gets updated.
Worst App Ever
by Zsazsa986 on 2019/12/19 06:31
I’m extremely disappointed in this app. Every single time I try to buy a ticket. It never works but it takes my money. I HATE THIS APP
Absolute disaster
by dmcguire6 on 2019/12/18 02:26
Didn't even open
Worst app I’ve EVER used
by shareef777 on 2019/01/02 13:58
There was absolutely no thought made into the creation of this horrible app. First tickets are stored on your device, but you still need a connection to their servers to use those tickets. Why!? But again, they’re stored on your device, so if you upgrade your device, wipe it, or do anything outside of turn it on you have to call customer support to retrieve your tickets. Going through their site and clicking “retrieve tickets” does absolutely nothing. It’s like these idiots think your Metra ticket is the only thing you think about when using our phone. The app also asks for your password EVERYWHERE. As others have stated this has the affect of weakening security as most people (myself included) will opt for a weaker password because of these annoyances. But the biggest gripe is that we can’t move tickets seamlessly. If you’re going to require an internet connection then my login should be all I need to access ALL my tickets. At least this way I can share tickets with my wife and kids. Ridiculous that I have to call and speak with someone to move tickets around! If you’re making things more difficult to use then just plain paper, then you’re doing it WRONG!
Horrible glitch.
by Vanessa Valdez10810 on 2019/04/10 13:25
Lost out on $15 because of this stupid app! I have two cards attached to the app because the first one I had expired and they will not let you remove any, you can only add more.. So I originally added $5 on Friday and after getting on the train I seen it said my working card was in negatives and I thought how is this possible? I just added $5. So I look and it’s showing that I added the 5 to the wrong card which I thought was weird because I never add money to the wrong card. So Monday morning I know I have to add even more because I’m in negatives from Friday. This time I make sure I’m on the correct card and add $15. It shows it it the right place so I go ahead and scan my Ventra and get on the train. While on it I get an email that my account is low.. how?? I think to myself, so I go and check the app again. Now it’s showing the $5 I put in on Friday went to the correct card and the $15 went into the other. This is when I realized the stupid app moved my funds from one card to the other. I let ventra know through email and they ask me to call them from 8-5 which is the time I’m at work so I can’t. So I basically lost $15 because of this app which is something I can NOT afford to just throw away. UPDATE: ventra closed the non-working account and place the fund back into the correct card. I guess emailing eventually worked.
Please fix it
by LP20202 on 2018/10/03 13:40
I deleted the app completely and reinstalled it because no content would load last night when trying to update my balance and pay my bus ride. I spent another 25 minutes this morning resetting my password and updating my balance. The temporary password was complicated with multiple capital letters and symbols. You have to re enter this password on almost every screen to confirm any transaction. When I finished, I received an error that the transaction wasn’t processed because I didn’t have connectivity (I was on WiFi at home). Then the app logged me out, so I had to re-enter this temporary password multiple times to do another transaction. Only for the app to tell me: error duplicate transaction. Third time I logged in I was able to change the temporary password before being logged out. I didn’t get an email confirmation about the first transaction, but the FOURTH time I logged in I was able to see an updated balance before receiving another error and being asked to log in again. At this point I’m late for work and walking to the train hoping for the best. Please get it together.
Won’t let me pay for a metra ticket!
by GoldenMur on 2019/07/22 23:01
I don’t usually ride the train, but every time I have, I utilize this app because I never carry cash on me...ever. Never having issues in the past, I hop on the train, and pay for my ticket with the previously stored credit card info (which is still up-to-date). Got and error message, so tried Apple Pay and selected one of my cards from there, same error message, tried several of my stored cards on Apple Pay and none of them worked. I then even entered a new payment method and added a new card in order for this payment to go through. No luck. THANKFULLY, I dig through my laptop bag and managed to find a $10 bill out of pure LUCK. Don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t have any cash on me. Knowing this error could happen again on the way back, I grabbed some cash just in case and sure enough! Same thing happened. Just going to go back to carrying cash like the old days and free up some storage on my phone by deleting this app because I don’t want to be thrown off a train because of its unreliability.
Getting better! (1 star to 4)
by MattBroniec on 2019/02/18 00:07
I’m editing my old review. The app has gotten WAY better. Not design. But it always loads fine. I have no issues of logging in. It’s easy to add money and buy tickets (Although I wish they would actually STORE on your device. You need a connection to download your ticket). And their customer service is way better. I lost my ventra card (had $20 on it). Bought a new one at CVS. (When you register your card online, the $5 it costs for the card gets put into your account as useable Fare). But I couldn’t figure out how to transfer money from my lost card to my new one. I sent them an email explaining which card to cancel and where to move the money and IT WAS DONE THE SAME DAY. major improvement. OLD REVIEW I’ve seen this in a few different reviews and they really need to fix this. The app was working great (I used it mainly for metra) but then I moved downtown and got a Ventra Card. I registered my ventra card and now the app won’t load and I occasionally lose my metra tickets. Extremely frustrating. If I do ever get the app to load (extremely rare), 95% of the time i can’t login and it shows no registered ventra card. But when I can login, I try to re register my ventra card and it says already registered. The only fix for this is I keep the ventra website loaded on my phone and I add money and such via there. That works fine but the app does not work.
Needs Improvement
by EACReview on 2017/09/06 23:00
I have no complaints with connectivity... I have great service provider to thank for that! And I haven't had to reset my password or anything like that, so this is good! CTA (bus and train) estimates are pretty accurate, which is a major plus! I also love how I can add value to my card via app, and not have to physically go up to a ventra box, this makes my commute so much easier. Especially when I'm running behind schedule. My troubles come in with the PACE buses. The tracking isn't accurate at all. In fact, it's set and stone with the times. It'd be much better if it was tracked by GPS, similar to the CTA. (Ex. There's a stop at my job scheduled for 5:36 - EVERYDAY, EVERYTIME I check it around 5pm it says the same thing) and the bus is RARELY there at 5:36. Usually within ten minutes before or after. Secondly, I have a card that I can't register on this app, apparently because it's registered somewhere else. It'd be nice to register the same card on multiple accounts for shared users.
Refuses to Move Past Home Screen
by L boosie on 2019/10/24 14:58
For weeks, I’ve been unable to move past the blue screen with the Ventra logo on it. No log in, nothing else available to click, just the blue screen with the white V. So I can either sign in online (which doesn’t work consistently either) or try to use a machine in the station to reload my card. This also proved difficult this morning when even after trying to use cash and two different credit cards, the machine still says it cannot complete the transaction. So I give up and call an Uber from the Belmont station. The Uber gets confused trying to pick me up on the wrong side of the street, gets honked at by two different busses, and when I finally get in the car, the song “Because of U” by Kelly Clarkson is playing, aka a song that came out when I was in middle school, is somehow still played on popular radio, and is absolutely cringeworthy to the average listener. Long story short, this app will destroy any hopes of a smooth morning commute. Fix it.
Don’t rely on this app
by AppDeveloper8 on 2019/06/06 13:59
Before I write my second review I request ventra team and metro team to please read their App Store reviews. There is no point in writing reviews if they don’t read. I’m willing to write a handwritten letter if I know the address where to send. Every time I need to go to city my heart pounds because of the ventra app. Finally I overcame my laziness to carry cash so I can be less anxious. Why on earth does the app need a password to make a purchase? Am I buying an aero plane worth of billion dollars? If I forgot my ventra password and user name why is there no automatic way to reset those? I can assure that this is not a friendly app for people who don’t travel to the city daily. An app is just an app these days it is an experience. Please make meters ride experience pleasant again by addressing your reviews. I spent 20 minutes in the app trying to buy a metro ticket. I tried atleast 5 times. I even killed the app few times to see if it works. Lesson for the day is not to rely on this dumb app. Some small train stations have no people to sell tickets at the train station and the tc inside the trains needs cash. So if you are a one time rider t the city once a while make sure to have cash to purchase tickets inside the train. For me app got constantly stuck after adding a card with an alert confirm purchase. The alert is not dismissable in anyway. Please fix the bugs in the app.
Don’t use special characters when naming your card
by muse013 on 2018/04/05 22:26
Update to my original review: Their customer support gets 5 stars. I decided to call with the issue I had below (see original review) and surprise, surprise they were able to resolve my issue and allow me to see my card inside five minutes. Apparently the app does not like special characters as part of the card’s name. (Mine had an apostrophe). For those having issues syncing your card and the card has special characters trying going to the full website and changing the card’s name. It may work. ORIGINAL REVIEW: The app worked great for a year, then a stupidly lost my card. I went through the motions of ordering a new one and registered it on the web sight. BIG MISTAKE!! When I went to use the app and signed it it showed no cards. I tried syncing... nothing happened. I tried registering it again and I received the message saying the card was already registered. I tried deleting and reinstalling to the same effect. The app is now unusable which means instead of being able to breeze pass the ticket line I now have to join the masses in the wait. The app is broken. It works great for first time users but if the primary card is lost or stolen the app will become useless.
🚫 Pathetic piece of glitchy trash ‼️👎🏽👎🏽
by Ash💛😊 on 2018/10/23 04:12
What the hell is wrong with this app? A year ago, I got on the metra train with my ventra ticket ready to go, the guy comes over to check my ticket and the SCREEN FREEZES 🤦🏽‍♀️. Do you know how embarrassing that is to have someone standing over your shoulder for 4 mins, other passengers staring at you while you have to try and get your ticket to show up?? Another time I get logged off randomly and the ticket I had saved DISAPPEARS along with payment info!!! And TODAY I payed for my ventra ticket, all ready to go and as soon as someone comes over to check my ticket the app randomly FREEZES and LOGS ME OFF! It would have taken me a while to re-log on and use the ticket! I was CONNECTED to my data too! I had to end up paying for a ticket with cash on the train. Not only does it freeze in-app it keeps freezing when you close the app 🙄 PLEASE FIX this garbage! You’re causing an inconvenience for MANY people with your mediocre app-development ‼️
Don’t use for Metra tickets
by TeenaaMiaa on 2018/10/09 11:10
I’ve had 2 bad experiences which caused me to discontinue using this app for my Metra monthly pass. First, when I got a new phone, I had to call to get my monthly pass switched over to my new phone. It’s not as simple as downloading the app on your new phone. Since I didn’t know this and since I take the train so early, I had to buy a single ride ticket on top of the $180 I already paid for my monthly pass, until I could call customer service to manually move my electronic ticket to my new phone. Then, for whatever reason I wasn’t able to purchase my monthly ticket for October, even though I have been using the app for years with no problem. I got 2 error messages and the customer service reps couldn’t figure it out. Again I had to buy single ride passes until they could figure this out, which they never did. They also never called me back as promised. Would never recommend this company or app to anyone.
Difficult to do everything in app
by KevinMcMahon on 2018/09/17 14:45
Poor user experience, work flow, and overall very hostile to users trying perform tasks on a mobile device App is not updated for modern devices and screen form factors. Design of system stores your “ticket” on device but if your phone breaks, you get a new one or try to access ticket on a different device it is impossible in app to access your tickets. The function on the mobile website to recall and move the ticket to a new device is broken and doesn’t work forcing a call to their customer service which, surprise, is unpleasant and difficult. Accessing your account requires constant entering of password entry which encourages using weaker passwords. I get security but this doesn’t have to be this bad. Overall, a poorly executed, poorly thoughtout and incredibly frustrating app that riders are forced to deal with if they don’t want to manage paper tickets.
How is this not fixed yet?
by Frusterated Commuter on 2019/11/06 15:54
As I’m sure everyone has pointed out already, your app DOES NOT WORK. While that is annoying enough, what is even more annoying is that it seems like a continuously ongoing problem and yet its not been fixed. I’m looking back in these reviews and people have been complaining FOREVER about the functionality of your app. Or should I say, the lack of functionality. When going to open the app, it stays stuck on the opening screen, that big V glaringly reminding us that ‘no our commute won’t be easy this morning’. I mean for real, there should be no learning curve for the engineers working on the Ventra App. At this point, apps have been around forever. Pretty much all of them function correctly, except yours. There’s no excuse for lazy coding or whatever. You need to fix this or hirer a better team. I think I speak for everyone when I say, BE BETTER AT YOUR JOB. Thank you.
Daily user - App DOES NOT WORK
by a.h.1. on 2018/11/21 12:15
Fix your app! I use this app twice a day, 5 times a week because Metra forces me to by doing away with ticket-by-mail. However, this app constantly freezes and even worse, at least twice a month, WILL NOT LOAD! When it doesn’t load and stays and that awful blue screen, one must delete the app, re-login, then MY TICKETS ARE GONE!! Why?! After purchasing a Metra pass at over $225 a month, the least that can be done is ask us to use a trustworthy, fully-functional app! Then I have to wait until 6 am to call CS and give my full name and phone # in front of a cart full of passengers! OH BUT WAIT, my train is BEFORE your CS department opens!! And I come home AFTER IT CLOSES!! What then?? Oh, right, BUY ANOTHER ONE WAY TICKET! How about you charge $1 for each app user and hire an app developer that knows what he or she is doing! FIX YOUR APP!! Too many people depend on this app for it NOT TO WORK!!
Two years away and performance improvements are poor
by greg cells on 2018/10/19 21:56
I moved away from the great city of Chicago, but in back often. I still use the buses, L, and trains, so I’ve never let my Ventra account die. Today was the first day I actually had to use the app (not just the card). It still makes me think of the disastrous roll out Ventra had. The app makes life more difficult than even the same app for SF (which believe me is no great shakes). The app doesn’t know how to interact with the most obvious features of iOS. Putting in a new credit card resulted in a $1 charge against my account without warning. Buying a Metra ticket crashed the app. While these problems aren’t exactly the problems I’ve had before, they are the same genre, same life-sucking annoyances. C’mon people, there are a lot of well designed transit apps. Get your act together.
Just had to leave a train
by kwf1987 on 2019/01/22 00:17
I got on the train. The app wasn’t working. I couldn’t load my ticket. I IMMEDIATELY approached the conductor asking if he’d seen it before. He didn’t even stop walking, just blew past me and mumbled something about needing a ticket. I pay 240 for the monthly pass. He comes back and I’m searching my pockets. I tell him I’m going to Chicago (Kedzie). He tells me the ticket cost. I admit it, I panicked and froze up. Not enough cash. He blows off. I realize there’s nothing for it, hes not going to work with me, but it’s not his responsibility to. I get up to get off the train. The conductor comes back around before I do. I tell him I don’t have any way to get a ticket so I’m leaving. As I get off the train the conductor shouts that this is where I wanted to go, anyway. He called me a liar. He waited until I was off the train and couldn’t reply, the coward. I have restarted my phone, enabled airplane mode, and flushed the cache. No effect. This whole scenario was initiated by my trust that using the recommended means of purchasing a ticket would be enough to see me to my destination. Don’t use this app. It will let you down, sooner or later. Still, what I really object to? I tried to do the right thing and was insulted for it, by an alleged professional.
It works for basic cases.
by Курильщик88 on 2019/09/04 19:13
It works fine and does the job but it can’t handle some edge cases. I can’t move balance from one card to another. I have to make a call to do it. I also can’t transfer passes and even a call can’t fix it. I have to visit office and replace a card to restore a pass. While people on the phone and in the office are nice and responsive, it still consumes my time and I would like to just click a button and transfer values from a lost/stolen card to the new one which I can easily buy instead of ordering a replacement. Also I can’t remove a lost card and I can only replace it. But what if I already have a new one and I just want to drop old to avoid accidental deposit to a dead card? Balance management works great though.
App Keeps Breaking
by Jay Dowell on 2019/02/13 00:21
UPDATE:2/12 This this the second time in less than a month the app will not open to show my Metra Tickets or ETA for Buses, Rail etc I have more 19 tickets that need to be replaced because I have to keep reinstalling the app and calling customer service (need to call cs again). If anything an app for commuting needs to be reliable. Definite 1 star. PREVIOUS COMMENT No real complaints about the app it’s operational; no bells and whistles though Another revenue stream could be creating a paid app with the below features -3D touch with Favorite Stops/train/buses would be nice -Maps of the routes the transit goes would be great -Integration with Apple Pay Tech is a must -Opening to favorites as an option would be a good feature - Prompting a user in a giving schedule for routine commutes (i.e. takes me ten to get to my stop I turn on alerts for a giving time it prompts me when to start heading to the bus); should be able to disable and schedule for certain days. -lastly if you all could incorporate best routes for giving locations; especially if it could account for time of next bus or train (now that would be world-class) I would pay $3-5 for that app depending on the number of commuters that could be millions to your bottom line.
App randomly ceases working
by Mattinil on 2018/12/24 18:49
This app has created more problems for commuters than it solves. Ventra must take some responsibility for how hopelessly buggy it is. Almost daily I see people on Metra having to argue with conductors because they have purchased a ticket on the app and the app will not load. Sometimes it works if you restart the app, reboot the phone, or reinstall the app completely. But during that process it can also lose the ticket unless you call customer support. Paying customers are being threatened with being kicked off the train unless they double pay. It’s as if the app maker takes zero responsibility for the bugs and wants people to pay twice. Outrageous. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to eventually get it to work, but fear the day when I run into a hard-nosed conductor while the app is having problems.
Metra tickets useless without a signal
by Splicefactor on 2017/03/21 13:54
Even though Metra tickets are stored on your device so that - to quote directly from the Ventra Chicago website - "your tickets are still available even if you need to use your ticket in a place where you don't have an Internet connection", the app won't let you do anything if you don't have an internet connection because it gives you an Alert that says "you must connect to our servers before proceeding" that you can't close. Worse, you can only move monthly passes between devices once. My iPhone died recently and I had my monthly pass moved to my iPad so I could still access the ticket while I got my phone fixed. Turns out, since I don't have cell access on my iPad, I can't access the ticket at all. Now I'm out $171. Thanks, Ventra.
Works great on iphone7 doesn’t work on iphoneX
by TToya2000 on 2020/01/24 23:52
Update. I had to delete the app and re-install it. Works perfectly like it did before! I love not having to call anyone or wait in line to add value to my family’s cards!!! (Old review of 2 stars) I don’t know why it’s not working with the current iOS but it appears Ventra doesn’t have a working development team for this app to keep up with OS changes. Hopefully they will get this corrected one day because the app worked wonderfully on my iphone7 but I had to upgrade and now it doesn’t work. The website has always been very glitchy so I guess I’m just sol
Literally doesn’t work at all
by Disappointed user2015 on 2019/01/08 23:22
Used to be fine up until about a year ago, and now I cannot load past the blue Ventra logo. It’s ridiculous. I’ve updated, uninstalled then reinstalled. Nothing fixes it. I guess there was a time before iPhones where people had to use their brains to plan ahead having public transit fare. But for those of us that do not carry cash, this app is so important in keeping track of the balance of my card and being able to add money to it before taking a bus, or when I’m running late. My bus driver just got sh!tt& w me for not having the money, implied I should get off the bus and that I was lying about not being able to use this stupid app. & thank God i look harmless, because if I didn’t, I worry it wouldn’t be so easy to get a free ride out of this situation...:/ Also y’all are losing money that I’d gladly give you.
Was a great concept in theory
by Louis Shines on 2017/12/22 11:50
This app is trash. Very much and literally works when it wants. BEWARE....... always keep a couple bucks in you wallet because you might end up sitting waiting on your loved ones during a Chicagoland winter( like me )when the app decides to not load.. Better yet, how about not being able to click confirm on you ticket purchases???? Don’t we all love taking the million steps to make a online purchase only to be stopped in our tracks by a glitchy a— app?! Brilliant 🤦‍♂️ I’m sure it’s not stressful enough trying to coordinate a trip within the chiraqen borders, but thanks to this Horse excrement you can now be stranded in your least favorite stops, and neighborhoods on top of it. Be advised this app and the Ventra ticket machines all around Chicagoland can and will leave your backside high and dry. Stay warm Chicagoland commuters!!!
Do not use this app for Metra tickets
by Commuter4 on 2018/10/29 21:23
I buy Metra monthly passes and have been using the app since it became available. It freezes sometimes, but that was the worst of the problems I experienced until this past weekend. I purchased a new phone and mistakenly thought when I logged in to my Metra account on my new phone using the app, everything would be the same as with my previous phone. However, my monthly pass did not show up in my account. So I had to purchase a single ride ticket since I was already on the train. That may seem trivial, but with the high cost of monthly passes, I do not want to purchase additional single-ride tickets when I’ve already purchased a monthly pass. My username/password/account should not have to be switched to my new phone by Metra for me to access my monthly pass again.
App is maddeningly glitchy
by AppSucks2 on 2018/05/01 02:04
I have a brand new iPhone with up to the minute software. I’m sitting at home, so my internet connection isn’t an issue. I put in my password and confirmation. The two don’t match, so I use the reveal (the eyeball icon). They match. I hit “Submit” again and receive another rejection. Being “that guy” I hit send again without changing anything. Rejected. I can see the matching words. Fourth try, the password is accepted. Trying to check out, I go thru the silly “split payment” option (no “pay in full” option, not directions, but after assigning payment amounts, I try to check out, but after confirming my billing address there’s no where to put in credit card info. Two star average rating means a lot of unnecessary frustration on the part of a lot of people trying to give Metra money.
Hot Garbage
by Chris XW on 2020/02/04 13:26
The Metra is a pile of hot garbage, I don't envy anyone who has to ride it on a daily basis, but it sounds like a necessity for those who must commute to the city. I rode to Naperville recently and there are employees who punch tickets with a hole punch like it's 1890 and give change out with belt clip filled with change. It’s clear that the Metra CEO partnered with Ventra, a local 8th Grade computer club who writes apps after school to create this abomination that must be used in lieu of a physical ticket. It’s truly a shame that they are still operating like this - I'm surprised more riders aren't interested in seeing an automated system that involves no human interaction to offset the inundated system they have now. I spoke with several riders who also said that it's uncommon for the trains to be on-time due to Metra not owning the tracks they ride upon. I digress... a truly horrendous app!
Password while adding new credit card.
by nobodiespov on 2018/02/07 22:12
So because there’s literally nothing to protect on this app, I never have to use my password. So I’ve forgotten it, it’s definitely a variation of something I use for everything. But I don’t get a chance to keep trying passwords when I want to add money. It sends me all the way back to another screen where I have to refill all my card info in. So thanks, now I know to alway load my card with cash because you guys have hoops that you make ya jump through for literally no reason. Like I need a password to put money on something! It makes more sense to make me type a password every time I swipe my card in public transit. I really hope this makes sense to someone, because based on your app, the makers seem to lack sense.
This application is horrible!
by Simon650 on 2017/07/29 16:32
I have the application more than a year ago. I went to website and updated my info, including my phone number, result application crashed and don't have access to my storage Metra tickets! And other things. I contacted Customer in service by email and by phone. In may last contact by phone the smart idea from the representative was to erase my phone to factory levels and reinstall the fabulous Ventra app. I said I won't do that because I wouldn't risk to lost all the info I have in my phone, her answer: "then you have to go and buy your tickets on paper" amazing answer, isn't it? Well now I have to deprive myself to ride Metra because I won't pay more for a ticket when I buy it on paper and thank you very much to the customer unserviceable representative!
1st disappointment!
by 6:00am on 2019/02/06 02:13
I have been using Ventra for Metra & CTA for 4 1/2 years now. Today I loaded my link-up monthly pass ($55) & additional $5. When I boarded the CTA bus & used my Ventra card, the link-up pass should have covered my fare as it was only 4:30pm. The bus’ swipe machine was not accepting my card due to “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS”. So where is my $55 link-up pass & $5 regular load? I had to look for lose coins in my purse (thank God I had enough) just not to get kicked out of the bus. Also,the Ventra app for Metra freezes 85% of the time. The conductor has to wait for me to close the app & get back to it again. These were not my problem at all with this app for the past 41/2 years, & it is getting really bad. I’m worried that the amount I uploaded is now gone. I hope Ventra will fix these problems.
Fine for the most part.
by vpshadow on 2019/05/08 11:48
I recently switched devices and I chose the backup from iCloud route when setting up my phone. Unlike many people from other reviews, I had no issues retrieving my passes/tickets/balance. Although for the first boot up of the app since the new device, it stalled and didn’t load (stuck on splash screen). I tried restarting the app by force quitting but it didn’t work. I ended up fully deleting the app and redownloading it from the App Store. It worked fine since. The only gripe I have is that it hasn’t been updated for the larger iPhone screen sizes (iPhone X).
If you love unnecessary frustration, high blood pressure and time wasting, this is the app for you!
by hateventraapp on 2019/08/17 17:28
Not only is this app completely unintuitive, it also makes no sense an redirects you an unreasonable amount of times. After forgetting my password, it sent me a temporary one that I could neither copy and paste, not sign in on with the app (I had to sign in on the website for some stupid reason) I was finally able to get in. I went to purchase tickets and it had me sign in again (makes perfect sense, right?). Then I went to buy my tickets and i was one number off on my payment method so it brought me all the way back to the beginning of the process. Then once I finally bought the ticket, all it took was one last sign in to get my pass.
Always Call Customer Support!
by jwsid on 2019/01/10 14:23
Every time the app crashes and will not work even with a restart on my phone I have to delete the app and reinstall it. Which is an action that deletes any current Metra tickets you have purchase despite your account history recognizing that they exist. So call customer support and have them reinstate it for you. While this is completely unacceptable behavior for users to have to manually manage the app’s broken issues the developers haven’t solved I don’t have high hopes it will ever be fixed anytime soon so I’m posting this for my fellow riders who have zero clue how to remedy this because Ventra does a extremely poor job communicating any of this to their users. So call customer support and have them reinstate your ticket!
Worst App Ever
by cat0493 on 2019/02/20 13:39
If I could give zero stars I would. Yesterday morning I went to show the train conductor my Metra ticket but for some reason the app logged me out. I tried to log back in with my password but it kept saying I entered the wrong password. I use a password manager so there is no way I changed it or used the wrong one. Because I didn’t want to get kicked off the train I just thought I’d buy a one-way ticket (even though I had a 10 ride sitting on the app). To buy ANY tickets you need to be logged in! So I tried to create a new account but the app could not connect! I had zero ways of paying for a ticket so I just let myself off the train out of embarrassment before getting kicked off. Absolute worst app ever and ruined my morning.
Horrible - doesn’t transfer data
by Eag146 on 2019/10/24 19:18
I’ve fumbled through the app on my old phone for a couple years. It wasn’t super user friendly but saved my tickets and told me the train schedule when needed (though I’d love to see real time status of the train I’m actually one, which didn’t seem available). However once I updated to a new phone, the previously tolerable problems got bigger. The app appears on my new phone, I can log in, and it shows my purchase history, including a 10-ride pass with several rides left on it. But the pass itself won’t show up. And Metra has not responded to my customer service request about it either - so now apparently I’m just out several rides on my $80+ pass.
by justgivememymoneyback on 2019/08/21 13:26
If I could give this app zero stars, I would! It’s an inconvenience and embarrassing to deal with. Especially in the metra train in front of other people and then to get asked if I have any cash on me to pay for the ticket. First I tried to split the payment with my remaining balance and the rest with my card. It “purchased” but afterwards an error message popped up saying there was an error and that I had to check my form of payment. Then I check my bank account and it shows the two times that I purchased the tickets and they still charged me. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me. I tried contacting customer support, but they’re so unreliable.
Convenient but crashes constantly
by Hudson977 on 2019/01/20 18:56
It is convenient to be able to manage a Ventra card from a mobile app, and it is extremely convenient to be able to buy Metra tickets. Shame this app makes it so inconvenient. It crashes when you open it. It crashes when you log in. It crashes when you buy a ticket. Best of all, it’ll crash three or four times while the conductor’s glaring at you, waiting for you to show your ticket. I don’t know what it is about changes in account status that flusters the app so much (for such seems to be the problem, or related to it, anyway). Such unreliability is just not acceptable for transit apps, though.
Good but not great
by Anthony Marco Giovanni on 2018/02/07 21:48
It’s a good app but for sure needs some work. When buying a Metra ticket it’s a lot of tapping just to buy 1 ticket. I want a one tap option to buy a ticket, not 4. Also update the app for the iPhone X screen please. Some of the font doesn’t fit on the phone correctly and it’s very bothersome to read. Also I want to delete credit cards off of the app that I don’t use anymore. It won’t let me delete them. Also think about making an Apple Watch application were you can just tap the screen to show your ticket and not have to take out your phone during the busy commute.
Home Screen Bug
by jassyp2010 on 2020/02/07 19:30
Got a new phone for whatever reason and now the Ventra app will not load past the home screen. It’s as if the developers abandoned this app because according to the App store, it hasn’t be updated in 8 months and at least 2 new operating systems have become available since then. Using the website is so amazingly awful. I just can’t. I wish the app developer would get on their job or, I don’t know, hire someone? I have friends who have developed better apps than this one, and that is no shade to my friends. They’re dope. If you’re somehow affiliated with the development of this app, and you read this, please reach out. I’d be happy to put you in touch.
Worthy of a class action lawsuit!
by Scooby575 on 2019/12/06 13:06
This app is absolute garbage! Constant freezing, random log outs that won’t allow you to log back in, Metra tickets that won’t properly load. Basically everything the app is SUPPOSED to do it doesn’t do correctly. Based on the number of similar reviews one almost wonders if it will require some sort of legal action to get them to actually make a useable app. When you spend $$$ monthly you expect basic functionality to actually function! It’s getting to the point where it’s better to just drive and deal with Chicago rush hour traffic than have to deal with the daily frustration of trying to use this app.
Doesnt work with new phone
by ChicagoCommuter321 on 2018/10/31 13:35
This app is great when it works. I had no issues with my old phone, but it stopped working when I upgraded to my new phone. It will work for a day and then I get a solid blue screen and it won’t refresh. I will delete the app and download which is easy. Problem is you have to call Ventra every time you do that to sync your tickets to the new app downloaded. It’s a real pain. I would be furious if I had a monthly Metra pass and it did this. I only do the 10 ride and always have a punch card with me in case this happens. I’ve given up on the app and will only be using the punch cards going forward. Very disappointed in the app.
Unsecure and unsafe
by Jameson876 on 2018/12/31 14:55
Attempted to reset my password between the desktop and iPhone app to a longer, more secure password, whereas the desktop accepted the change but the mobile app wouldn’t allow me to log in with it. I was forced to use a less-secure method for my password. For a site that stores credit card information, this is unacceptable! They should really invest in stronger, more reliable security methods and actually test their product. For now, I suggest you immediately remove your CC information from Ventra and pay via Apple Pay. A much more secure option. This is on top of all the other issues, missing Metra tickets and endless syncing issues.
Good idea....needs work
by Sarah979c on 2016/11/19 15:19
This app is a great idea, in theory. If it worked, I'm sure it'd be great for commuters and travelers. I downloaded the app a few days before my trip to Chicago, knowing that we would be using public transportation to get where we wanted to go. As I was waiting for the Metra train, I thought I'd add some money to my account. I tried putting in my credit card info twice and it didn't accept it. Like it was missing some coding. It would have been great to already have money on my account before I arrived in downtown. I spent 15-20 minutes looking for where to buy tickets for the CTA busses. If the app had worked it would have saved me some time to visit the great city.
Top 3 worst “apps" I've ever used
by Fasttunnelfanatic on 2019/05/06 23:13
I am a software developer and this is easily one of the worst apps I've ever used. Constant crashing and ticket loss, forced logouts and failed syncing. Any other reviews with more than 1 star are just plain wrong. This app has cost me at least an additional $50 having to buy one way tickets because it doesn't load my already purchased ones. Oh, and the user interface is a disaster. It does not use native features of your phone. They constantly require you to enter your password and it doesn't work with password managers. Leave it to government to get the cheapest Dev work possible, and it definitely shows here.
Please fix it. I really like this app
by T3CHN0L0GYK1D13 on 2019/06/09 16:34
I’ve been using this app for many years, it worked for a long time, but now I’m starting to experience some problems. There’s starting to be some serious glitches when it comes to add value to the cards. I added a new registered card to the app and I added money through the app but when I tried to use it, it said insufficient funds even though the app says that i have money on it. Also, I just now checked the app this morning to try to add money on a backup card and somehow my new card disappeared from the app and it brought back up my old one that had expired a couple months ago. I like having this app, it’s very convenient for me especially when i don’t have much time to go to a train station to add value to my cards and I also used it for Metra. PLEASE fix these glitches! I still would like to keep it!
Missed opportunity - horrendous support
by danny11143 on 2019/03/13 03:11
The app should be reliably 3 stars at least, but things bring it down quite a notch. First is the app itself. Despite most recent iPhones being able to leverage NFC / Apple Pay, you cannot use your travel pass or Ventra balance to pay for Pace or CTA rides with a tap. Only Metra supports the option, and the ticket is visually presented and not NFC. If you are ever charged wrongfully, for instance, TWICE. Good luck on getting your money back. The only thing stopping me from doing a chargeback on these a holes is the fact I use them daily and they'd probably ban my account. I have two support tickets filled six months ago, no response.
Issue # 12
by Ben in China on 2019/12/14 19:28
Among the app’s other dysfunctionalities: I can’t add a new credit/debit card. I hit ‘New Card’, and it asks me to the first step: Billing Address. I confirm my address and continue to the next step, ‘Card Information,’ and it won’t let me enter any information. The boxes are all “grey” (as in, I can’t enter anything). I wait 30 seconds then tap a box - e.g. Card Number - but they stay grey. The keyboard has never popped up. And Yes, Ventra, I’ve tried closing the app, restarting, praying, making animal sacrifices, etc. and it doesn’t f’ing work. By now you could fit a truck up my @&# for the number of times you’ve $@#£’d me.
Good thought, needs to be refined.
by HeavyMattal on 2019/10/10 05:29
Some really good ideas here. Being able to manage and top off your card or buy Metra tickets is super convenient. However the app is really buggy and not updated nearly frequently enough. Support for the app is basically nonexistent, suggesting that it’s a purely 3rd party endeavor with not much communication between CTA and the developers. Needs a more dense support system and a smoother UI. All that being said, still one of the more convenient public transit applications I’ve used (as compared to NYC, Los Angeles, etc)
It’s pretty bad
by iansdad2018 on 2019/09/03 02:18
I am not sure what the competence of the person who designed this app is. If it’s an engineer hopefully it’s from a crack pot school, probably it’s a politician son of a politician Chicago style and cannot tell an iPhone from a shoebox. It takes me fewer key strokes to order a radon meter than to show or order my ticket. It’s structural inability to know anything about my travel patterns, given that I am a commuter is beyond comprehension. It’s not a lack of artificial intelligence but rather an excess of sheer obtuseness. I don’t give it one star because it didn’t freeze or lose tickets yet even if I fear that I might jinx myself with it.
App steals money!!!
by GuitarGod761 on 2019/01/24 04:50
Since my last review was deleted I’ll just keep t short. App is not updated or optimized for the lates iOS. The app has terrible out reach and customer support. And the app requires constant uninstall and reinstall to work properly and when you do that you loose tickets you have purchased. Then you have to spend time waiting for the apparent 1 person they have for all support to help you retrieve your tickets. I pay 200 a month for my Train ticket monthly can bet I’m not using this app and trusting them anymore. This is literally the type of app apple should be getting and removing from the App Store. Disgusting.
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