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Guess This Track
Do you want a brand new music game, a game that has no ads and where you fully control the music challenge? Choose songs from your own song library, then easily edit the song clip to be guessed, and send to your opponent.  Also, confuse your opponent further by reversing the song before sending, or simply record a strange sound and send. It is easy to record your own song by singing or playing an instrument, or recording any sound nearby; come up with new sounds and music that can be customized by you in order to keep your opponents guessing.  Guess This Track is that fun, that easy...fully control your challenge!  And, best of all, Guess This Track is ad free...either with the free or paid app, you see no ads. Known as the "Draw Something" for music, Guess This Track will give you hours of fun and give you different ways in which to play the game and challenge more and more opponents, from friends to those you do not know that wish to play worldwide. Chat! Make friends by sending messages to new people you randomly play.
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