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***The sequel to vigilante: Speak for the Dead and the expansion to vigilante 2: The Rise of John Doe.*** This is the game that asks you to take justice into your own hands! The war on crime continues in vigilante 3! With a newly streamlined UI, enhanced single player story experience, new SWAG mini-game, crime rate tracking, and fellow vigilante stat sharing; the decisions you make are more important than ever. Guilty or innocent? Be the judge, jury, and executioner and see how your decisions stack up against other players. vigilante 3 is an ambitious online, social role-playing game, foregoing familiar, cliché mechanics for a morally charged social experiment. In a world where vigilantism is the latest craze, what are any of us capable of? FEATURES: - Regularly updated content including new, rare and collectible items, as well as brand new story lines - Crime Rate that fluctuates with your accuracy, determining the rewards you receive - Create your very own vigilante using our powerful in-game character creator. - Decide who, how and what kind of justice to deal out and see what other players chose to do. - Addictive new SWAG mini game to help you even the odds. - Unlock additional masks, vehicles, items, encounters and more as you progress - Duke it out in online battles of up to 200 players - Wield items ranging from improvised weapons to military-grade equipment - Evade the police and powerful vigilantes, Speak for the Dead, as you rise to the top - Create your own crew, crew patch, and crew manifesto, then recruit players and spread your influence - Crew Leaderboard details the city's top crews - One of the first social mobile RPGs with in-game chat. Coordinate attacks and negotiate for leverage - Become the most powerful crew as you fight for the dominance of each location - Unique animated sequences bring your brand of justice to life - Story arc generator that allows you to see your own stories in game and give other players a chance to choose - Easy to learn, but hard to master, with deep play strategies …and this is just the beginning! Justice Served Your Way What’s your idea of justice? Should the punishment always fit the crime, or do some people deserve to be made an example of? Are you a straight laced crime fighter threatening the freedom of hardened criminals, or are a cold-blooded killer, waxing j-walkers and speeding drivers? With vigilante 3, that decision is left with you. Be part of the problem, or the solution. There are hundreds of unique NPC stories to investigate, and our NPC Story Generator lets you create in-game scenarios based on your own experiences. Ever been bullied? Threatened by a bill collector? Harassed by a rookie cop? Virtual revenge is available! By creating your own story arc, you not only get to decide who deserves your brand of justice, but also what form it comes in. Choose your punishments - From a simple threat, mark, or black eye to something more stringent like a stabbing, robbery, or killing. You can see your stories manifested in game where you'll get the chance to take control of the situation. Wanted to give that guy that cut you off a beating? Not only can you get that opportunity, but you can observe how other players react under the same circumstances. Find the link below to write your own story arc, it's fun and easy and you can submit as many as you like! -----divisive media------ We love to hear your feedback! Get at us! Join the vigilante 2 Facebook community: Forums & Feedback: Support: Stay ahead of the game! Follow @DivisiveSupport for game updates and news! Visit the divisive media website: Follow @DivisiveMedia on twitter to stay in touch with the developers. Use the '#vigilante' hash tag on Twitter and Instagram!